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Future Institute is a not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary applied-research based platform that enables initiatives, which would shape India in its celebration of 100 independent years in 2047. Established with the objective of mentoring and incubating innovation, thoughts, and processes, the Institute reflects over new paradigms of planning, architecture and urban design.

By envisioning an open-source network, Future Institute seeks partnership with other institutions, practices, and professionals in order to build a repository of all knowledge that pertains to Indian cities. The Institute firmly believes and advocates EQUITY, ECOLOGY, and IDENTITY as the key values that must guide the urban transformation of India over the years to come. The institute primarily focuses its work in the domains of – Environment and Sustainability, Urban Systems, Advocacy and Research, and Urban Identity.

Since its inception in 2011, the Institute has embarked upon several research projects, establishing key relationships with varied institutions and continues to forge partnerships with like-minded organizations, institutions, professionals and individuals. Future Institute is an interactive medium to explore, assimilate, facilitate and communicate a dream for Urban India through example, experiment and exception.

The scale and typology of projects undertaken cover the entire gamut of urban development with distinctive accomplishments in the sectors of Urban Planning and Liveability, Environment and Sustainability, Heritage and Conservation, Affordable Housing; and Infrastructure and Socio-Economic Development at National levels of practice.